Leadenhall modern

London, in its buildings and streets, has been the stage of uncountable representations of power. A ravishing demolition or a noticeable building embody transformations larger that their corporeal spaces of steel, glass, and brick. But this city has also been a theatre for the unfolding sense of international community encroached in a marketplace. Modernity is the contrast of rough iron and delicate glass. But let’s not forget, London is not the only scenario of this modernisation. There would have been no Grand Exhibition without an ‘Indian Court’; no Eiffel Tower without a Vietnamese railways; no Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II without a Suez Canal.


SOAS and the ‘white’ debate

In the light of the last news on white philosophy, political correctness, and other attacks from the “reverse racism front” , this is a golden opportunity to showcase the relevance of our work in today's world. When the Student Union called for decolonising SOAS and increasing the centrality of non-Western modes of knowledge, the vulturous … Continue reading SOAS and the ‘white’ debate

was there ever a post-truth?

Much has been said about the post-truth era. Some point at the enormous information feed that we receive daily and the impossibility of fact-checking every single piece of information. Some others argued about the nefarious consequences that this might have to our lazy minds. However, these apocalyptic overreactions forget that nobody has ever fact-checked newspapers … Continue reading was there ever a post-truth?

Trump y Brexit: la reacción del Occidente poscolonial

Occidente – lo que quiera que signifique – entró hace tiempo en una crisis económica y moral. Ha quedado claro que no está siendo capaz de enfrentarse al orden global postcolonial en el que el color del pasaporte da paso al color de la cartera. La riqueza de antes de la 2GM, nutrida de recursos … Continue reading Trump y Brexit: la reacción del Occidente poscolonial