Dylan: a novel prize (yes with ‘v’)

The awarding of Nobel Literature Prize to Bob Dylan is, at least, surprising. I don’t think the world lacks today great fiction writers, so it must have taken some courage to award this prize to a song writer. I have to say I like it, and not only because of the Hurricane.

16-10-14It is refreshing that finally an archaic institution looks for new ways to reshape the very same thing it has been doing for over a century. Let’s be honest, the Nobel Foundation is both the crowning recognition of human society and an out-fashioned institution dwelling in occultist secrecy and aristocratic pomp. So, I celebrate when they decide to step out of their comfort zone. I just hope this brings more novel decisions and less nobility.

On another note, I can’t stop thinking how wonderfully regular the human being is that prizes itself every December. Just like Christmas presents. No matter whether you’ve behaved well over the year, you’ll get at least some sugar. I would, from time to time, leave the prize void to remind humanity that it can always do better.

Otherwise, award the literature prize to the robins: they also sing, probably even more poetically. I guess the problem is birds can’t wear tuxedos.




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